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 Imperial Council of Shriners

The Ancient Arabic Order, Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, was instituted at Mecca, Arabia, the year or Our Lord 1608. The ritual was prepared and issued at Aleppo, Arabia, by Louis Mariucci, the great Italian translator of Mohammed’s Al‐Koran. The order was revived and established at Cairo, Egypt in 5598, June 14, 1837. Freemasons have been accustomed to date all of their acts and instruments according to the Hebrew Calendar.)  
In 1871 one of the foreign representatives of the order brought the ritual to America and placed it in the hands of Dr. Walter M. Fleming, 33rd degree (White), Sovereign Grand Inspector‐General, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite where they instituted Mecca Temple No. 1. For several years this Temple remained inactive, until 1875 when W. J. Florence (White) brought from Europe the Oriental Ritual of the order as it was the work in foreign countries.  
This Imperial Council of Shriners was organized in Washington D.C. in October of 1897, and incorporated in October of 1898. Its purpose has always been to serve as the premier philanthropic arm of the Masonic Order, as is evidenced with its recurring contributions to the Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation, Shriners Hospitals and the United Negro College Fund.  
In this Imperial Council of Shriners, all members are members of the Knights of Templar, and most also belong to the Supreme Council of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. These two Masonic Orders also have their own selected philanthropies that they support towards research to cure ailments that plague humanity.  
A Shriners’ principles inculcate pleasure, hospitality and jollity without intemperance, coarseness or rudeness. All are also devoted to uplifting those less fortunate, thus the chosen charities among Shriners varies from state to state.
This Imperial Council has active Shrine temples and Grand Shrine Temples in 23 states with membership in 26 states. The officers of each state meet collectively as the Imperial Council to perfect a union as an Imperial Council, and to also synthesize the charity work of the Imperial Council as a whole.
The elected officers of the Imperial Council of Shriners are elected triennially in conformity with the Constitution of the Imperial Council of Shriners. The lovely and beautiful female auxiliary of the Imperial Council of Shriners is known as the Supreme Court, D.O.I. Their governance structure is closely aligned to the Imperial Council of Shriners. Their purpose is to support the direction of the Imperial Council of Shriners in their philanthropic work, also.
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