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 Imperial Potentate

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Illustrious Noble Kenith Salley Sr.
 Imperial Potentate
Free and Accepted Ancient York Rite Masons
Prince Hall Origin - National Compact U.S.A.

Date:   June 9, 2021

To:       Imperial Council of Shriners

Subj:   PUT YOUR WORK IN!                               


Greetings Nobles of the Imperial Council,  


I extend my sincere thanks to those entrusting me as the Imperial Potentate in and for these United States and Commonwealth of The Bahamas and Caribbean.  Your confidence and support are truly a blessing as I embark upon this new journey to take this organization to new heights with structure, class and unity. 


I am both humbled and honored to serve for years 2021- 2024. I look forward to working as a team. Please find the attached elected and appointed positions. All are vital positions which should be executed to your best ability.  


The Imperial Council of Shiners’ and DOI will assemble at the 58th National Triennial Session: 

  • Where: Jacksonville, Florida 

  • When:  Wednesday July 21, 2021 

  • Time:   9:00am - 12 noon 

  • Attire:  State uniform with Fez 


***There will NOT be a Shiners’ Ball*** 



Again, I thank you for your continued support. If at any time one would need to reach me for questions, comments or concerns, please contact me using the above information.


Best Regards, 


Noble Kenith Salley Sr. 

Illustrious Imperial Potentate 



Motto:  Working as one, Being as one, Looking as one!

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